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Application for Admission

Personal Information

Legal Name

Do you have a chosen or preferred name?  

Chosen/Preferred Name

This is an option for people who wish to use a name other than their legal name to identify themselves. If you use your legal name, you do not need to specify a chosen/preferred name.

ECC recognizes that faculty, staff and students may use names other than their legal name to identify themselves. These may include, but are not limited to, people who use their middle name instead of their first name, people who use nicknames of a legal name, people who use an anglicized name, or people who use a name that affirms their gender identity.

Chosen/Preferred Name

Do you have any previous names? (Ex. Maiden or other legal name changes)

Previous Name(s)

Ex. Maiden or other legal name changes
Select your citizenship status
Please send a copy of your Permanent Resident Card to admissions@eastcentral.edu.
Please send a copy of your Visa to steffani.mccrary@eastcentral.edu, or apply for admission as an international student by completing the International Student Packet, available on the International Student page.
Proof of residency in the East Central College district may be required.

Students who have not completed a high school credential are not eligible for financial aid. Students who are pursuing a college degree and diploma program at the same time will need to provide proof of high school credential completion, before a college degree can be conferred.

Any student who wishes to give others, such as parents and/or supporters, access to their academic and financial records must complete a FERPA Privacy Waiver.

Entering an incorrect social security number will cause delays in processing your application.
ECC often communicates by text message. Standard text rates will apply.
Are you a Veteran or are you currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces?
Gender assigned at birth
Are you Hispanic/Latino?
Race (choose one or more)

Emergency Contact Information


Tuberculosis (TB) Screening

All new students intending to seek admission into East Central College must be screened for Tuberculosis (TB).
Please read the following set of questions:
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with TB?
  • Have you ever been in contact with someone who has, or had, TB?
  • Were you born outside the United States?
  • Have you engaged in frequent visits, prolonged visits, or military service outside the United States?
  • Have you been a volunteer or health care worker who served clients who are at an increased risk for active TB disease?
You will be required to submit tuberculosis test results within the past 12 months from a provider in the United States.

ECC will notify you if documentation of a PPD tuberculin test, chest X-ray, or IGRA test, within the past 12 months from a provider in the United States, is required. Documentation can come from your physician, county health department, or place of work.

ACCESS and Disability Services

Access Services provides support for students who have documented disabilities by making reasonable accommodations in regard to academic instruction and other college related activities.

Students enrolling at East Central College who are seeking services for a disability must submit appropriate documentation and meet with an Access Counselor in order to receive services.

After submitting this form, please complete the Access Application form.

Criminal Background

Have you pled guilty to or been convicted of a felony?
Disclaimer: If you have a pending charge, you are required to notify us if you pled or have been found guilty.


Students interested in the March–May 2022 term should contact admissions@eastcentral.edu to discuss course availability.
Did you graduate from your high school/home school?
Are you still attending high school/home school?
Did you pass the GED/HSE test?
Have you previously enrolled in any college credit coursework, whether it was in high school or at another institution other than ECC? (i.e. Dual Credit, Dual Technical Credit, Associates Degree, etc.)
If you have registered for any courses at other colleges or universities for previous semesters (including dual credit / dual enrollment), please request that each college or university send us your official academic transcript (regardless of whether you completed courses or received grades). Failure to list all colleges is considered falsification of records and may void your admission.
If you have additional colleges to list, please email the names and locations of those colleges to admissions@eastcentral.edu.

Academic Goals

What type of student are you?
– interested in degree or certification (only type eligible for financial aid)
– current high school student interested taking classes at high school
– current high school student interested in taking classes at an ECC location or online
– interested in taking just a course or a few
– interested in taking a course or a few and transferring it back to home institution
Explore our Academic Pathways.

By submitting the application, I am certifying that I am the person who has completed the information on this application and that all the information I have provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I am financially responsible for any tuition and fees accrued.

I understand that my name will appear on all college documents as listed above, unless I file a Student Information Form with the Student Service Center. Furthermore, I acknowledge that the college may accept and/or send transcripts to award credit for the purpose of transfer program completion.

I agree that East Central College may use photographic images and video or audio recordings of me, with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including such purposes as publicity, marketing, illustrations, advertising, web content and/or other purposes without limitation, consistent with the mission of ECC. I voluntarily waive the right to inspect or approve such images and waive my right to any royalties or reimbursement, monetary or otherwise. This release is effective on the date of form submission and will remain in effect indefinitely.